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Welcome to ViceRoy Group

Committed to Excellence

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ViceRoy Group specializes in consulting, engineering, and development of cannabis growing enterprises. Our expertise and experience will increase quality and efficiency, and minimize operational challenges, allowing you to fully focus on growing your business.

Do you have a passion for the cannabis plant and wish to invest in this fast-growing industry? How about extensive experience in facility engineering, energy efficiency, and construction of cannabis-based projects? This is where we come in!


Cultivating cannabis on a commercial scale is not as simple as just growing the plants. To build a successful business, one must be equipped to comply with strict cannabis growing regulations, meet high start-up costs, and keep up with a rapid path to scale and efficiency. The upfront planning, design, and engineering are critical in ensuring that investment is converted into profit as quickly as possible.


Design, build and optimize your medical marijuana business

Building a successful cannabis growing business needs much more than a passion for the plant. The good news is that proper planning and execution can be the key to ensuring that cannabis growing is predictable and profitable.


ViceRoy Group supplies investors with science-based and practice-tested solutions for pre-planning, facility design, GACP and GMP workflow design, SOP development, genetic selection, energy efficiency and lighting, nutrient development schedules, water filtration and irrigation systems, regulatory compliance, environmental control, benching and rack design, employee training, integrated pest prevention and management solutions, propagation calendars, and detailed planning for quality control and inventory tracking.

Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis
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