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Humanity has been growing cannabis for thousands of years under various conditions. Growing cannabis commercially, however, presents many challenges and requires considerable effort in order to be profitable. The success or failure of commercial cannabis cultivation operation is often determined before plants are ever put into the soil. 


The growing methodology you choose will be the critical basis of all future decision making and design choices. Do you want to grow in a greenhouse, a warehouse, or outdoors? What lighting, growth medium, fertigation, and odor mitigation will you use? Will you implement automation and what type? There is a multitude of choices to be made, and they will all influence the amount of funds needed, the facilities and equipment that would have to be constructed and obtained, and the quality and yield of your flowers. Having a clear project roadmap in advance will have a significant positive impact on your success.

After we have established your mode of operation, we will focus on your capitalization. Without specific and accurate financial modeling of your business goals, you are at risk to deplete your funds long before you manage to get your cultivation operation up and running. Planning for adequate financing will enable you to anticipate delays or slowdowns and budget accordingly.

We work with you throughout the entire process, from the initial design layout, through the construction, electrical installation, the irrigation set up, and the growing operation. Our team can assist with any project and our consultants are able to step in and facilitate at any stage of the business project. We are able to provide the most suitable solution for anything from the primary layout to the brand development strategy. Our highly trained staff can be relied upon to help and operate from the start. We can assist with the following:



Engineering and construction experts who have developed and executed all aspect of commercial-sized projects.

Our Approach

Each project is a separate entity that needs to be tackled individually, and we examine every detail and take all factors in consideration, to produce a plan tailored to meet the goal of the individual investor. The ViceRoy Group will help you construct the best design operating plans that will yield the optimal productivity, quality and efficiency. Our expertise, tools, and proven process are at your disposal to ensure your cultivation investment grows into a long-term successful business.

Greenhouse Solutions

ViceRoy Group is dedicated to providing high quality design of commercial marijuana production greenhouses. Our team’s knowledge of the cannabis plants’ unique needs, together with our engineering experience, will empower you to meet all the challenges of industrial cannabis cultivation via our comprehensive solution for an automated, climate-controlled greenhouse.

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Gutter Connect Greenhouses

Gutter connected greenhouses have proven to be one of the most optimal solutions for large scale cultivation projects. The nature of their modular design allows for large and scalable structures, and also provides the most cost-effective approach to constructing extensive footprints while warranting the most optimal environmental controls of any greenhouse.

Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis


● Higher ground-to-curtain clearance to accommodate for flowering plants and bench top growing
● No limit on greenhouse canopy size, making the most of area and budget
● Easier control of temperature and humidity fluctuations due to more substantial air volume
● Hot and humid climate conditions are mitigated by the automated roof vents and shade-cloths
● Equipped to endure extreme snow and wind loads owing to the engineered steel frames

● Cloning, vegetation, and flower production are made effortless by the configurable bays and dividing walls
● Fully compliant with all EU engineering codes

Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis

Standard Main Features

Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis
Image by Teanna Morgan

Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel

  • Pre-punched and pre-drilled for ease of installation

  • Rated for severe snow and wind

  • Lifetime rust-free

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